AGR Steering

Many of us have a dream of owning a car and taking our family and friends for a long drive without choosing a destination. This is a dream for most car lovers either to travel alone or with their friends. Having a car is the best choice to travel anywhere you desire especially with family and friends. Its compact structure and comfy seats with advanced features and technology add an advantage to own it. There are different styles and brands of cars that make people go crazy on it. But in some cases, many may not be able to own their choice of car because of the word money.


Finest service for car lovers

Every failure in the first attempt gives a chance of winning in the second attempt. Similar to the above words, there is a second chance of owning your desired car from the seller. But before you are about to own, it is essential to inspect the car with the qualified automobile engineers to avoid further damages and costs. AGR Steering is nothing but an Automobile repair shop in Florida with well-talented and experienced engineers. We offer the best service and will never get interrupted in between your journey as your car will never stop running from the road after the efforts shown by our qualified engineers.

Our company not only meant for renovating your automobile parts but also provide fleet services for transportation that helps in the field of business growth for private, government, and education lines. Our company and the professionals will offer you the best quality and excellent auto repair services include General Services, Car & Truck Care, Inspections, Undercar Services, Brakes, Engine & Transmission, Engine Maintenance, Heating and Cooling Services, Electrical Services, Electronic Services, Miscellaneous Services, Domestic Cars & Trucks, zoplay, Import Cars & Trucks and Quick Lube Services will be done in a perfect manner based on your desired needs and satisfaction.

The main objective is to offer our every customer the best effective and efficient services available at affordable and reasonable prices to get your car back on the road to have a non-stop travel. As you trust us by giving a chance to prove our efforts, our certified experts will keep your vehicle to run properly at all times without any interruption since we have years of experience in dealing any types and technologies of automobiles. Here we use high-tech diagnostic equipment based on the trending automobile technology to guarantee your vehicle with the highest quality replacement parts, filters, oils, components with additional warranty periods. We also assure that you will never get a chance to choose other retailers since your vehicle will never stop running once you get into us.


Auto repair services

Even though we drive our car carefully there is some occasion that leads to general repairs like engine diagnostics and repairs, alignments, brakes, front end and rear end diagnostic services and electronics service and repair. Next comes is the fleet maintenance and repair. When any of your vehicles are out of service, both the revenue and reputation go at risk, but no worries you can find our professional auto shops anywhere to manage your repairs and maintenance and keep your vehicle back on the road. An off-road vehicle is capable of driving on and off paved roads which are characterized by Zuket’s large tires. When you face this off-road problem, it is better to, get serviced by an experienced professional in handling these off-highway vehicles. Our professionals are experts in handling such repairs and vehicles in an efficient and effective manner and also offer the service at affordable prices.


Preventive maintenance

There are some useful and preventive measures to keep your vehicle work under good condition by preventing them from unwanted breakdowns, ensuring that the equipment is operational and safe to use. In most of the cases, we feel that one-third of the problem arises from the user and the remaining problems arise due to technical issues. Even though the vehicle is equipped with guaranteed parts, rash driving and improper maintenance of the user leads to repair and loss of pay.

Preventive maintenance schedule includes care and cleaning, safety checks, functional and performance checks, maintenance tasks, and lot more. When these measures are taken in the regular interval of time, then your car will be on road without any interruption and damages. This can be done by the mutual conversation of the users and maintainers in which users can perform checks and basic maintenance tasks on a daily basis, whereas the maintainers can set a specific day of the week or month to carry out their maintenance and service tasks. Record keeping the central and repair maintenance will help you to keep tracking of the services done.

Before operating with the problems of the customers, our qualified professionals will examine completely the vehicle in depth to avoid further damages and a proper tick sheet is maintained which contains the details of the vehicles as well as the services we have undergone along with the proper rates. And also we will mention clearly the service date, delivery date and guaranteed service period of six months. Handling the pieces of equipment with care and proper maintenance will make the vehicle to work in a good condition even after the assured warranty period. Get your vehicle to run smoothly on the road for a long drive with your family by the service offered by our world-class professionals.